Financial Management

OSMS offer customised financial management solutions tailored to your specific business requirements, budget and objectives.

HR Management

OSMS provides your business with access to an experienced and qualified HR professional on a part-time or project basis to manage your HR requirements.

Project Management

OSMS adopts a structured project management approach with focus on execution through detailed design and planning the execution in accordance with customer requirements.

Your Outsourced Management Solutions Partner

Milo Molloy established OSMS with the objective of providing start-up’s and SME’s with access to best in class Financial, HR & Project Management expertise usually only enjoyed by larger domestic or multinational organisations. As a Chartered Accountant, Milo held senior finance roles with a number of large corporates over a twenty year period and gained extensive experience and qualifications in HR Management and Project Management.

Milo identified an opportunity to deliver short term and/or part-time support to organisations who could not afford the cost of a full time Financial Controller or HR Manager.

At OSMS, we are passionate about delivering real value for clients across three particular areas; Financial, HR and Project Management. Client satisfaction is paramount in ensuring a lasting relationship between OSMS and the organisations with whom we do business. Our focus on flawless execution separates OSMS from other consultancy or advisor type firms who often develop business strategies which never get implemented. Our practical approach is respectful of our client’s resources and understands that real value is delivered not in the hand-over of a lifeless strategy document but in its hands-on, ground level implementation.