Financial Management

Whether your business requires the expertise of a part-time Financial Controller or an interim Financial Controller to provide maternity or illness cover, OSMS will tailor a solution to meet your specific business requirements, budget and objectives. OSMS offers financial solutions across the following key areas:

Management Reporting

OSMS understands the value of timely and accurate monthly financial reports to your business. Our experienced financial experts go beyond the numbers to understand the underlying trends in order to provide clients with insightful analysis in terms of the year ahead as well as identifying what the key business issues are. As well as preparing Management Accounts, OSMS has the capability to structure Monthly Management Meetings to focus on KPI’s and metrics to assist business leaders in decision making; ensuring business performance is measured and managed accordingly.

Cash-flow Improvements

Cash-flow generated by the business is one of the crucial sources of funding. Credit control is one of the most critical functions for growing businesses and yet it can sometimes be perceived as an “unpleasant” activity for finance staff and can be a very time consuming and inefficient if not properly managed. At OSMS, we have developed Credit Control policies and processes that are metric based and target driven, to ensure that the credit control process operates smoothly and can be tailored to the specific requirements of clients. This results in reducing bad debt exposure and improving collection days.

Cost Reduction Initiatives

One of the most effective ways of reducing costs is to undertake competitive tendering to ensure that the vendor is providing the best service at the best cost. However, some businesses are so busy doing their day to day activities that they do not have the time or the resource to check out what other offerings are on the market, and instead stay with their current provider. In some cases it may even be difficult to change from a supplier because of close relationships. OSMS has achieved significant cost reductions by undertaking competitive tenders in the areas of material costs, insurance, industrial gas, electricity etc. OSMS performs detailed analysis on current spend to identify potential for savings and negotiates directly with suppliers to ensure the best deals possible for its clients.

Strategic Planning Funding

OSMS has developed strategic plans for growing companies and successfully raised a number of rounds of funding with banks (overdrafts and term loans) and government agencies (R&D, Jobs Expansion Scheme, Training, Capex grants etc.). OSMS has a network of contacts established with banks and funding agencies to negotiate funding on behalf of its clients. At OSMS, we have the expertise to develop and evaluate the strategic plan on behalf of the client and then to negotiate the funding required to execute the plan.