Project Management

OSMS adopts a structured PM approach to the assignments worked on, with focus on execution through detailed design and planning the execution in accordance with customer requirements.

Business Metrics & KPI’s

“What gets measured get managed and what gets managed gets done !!”
Every business owner requires a summary overview of how their business is performing. OSMS undertakes a diagnostics on its client’s business to produce a straight forward reporting mechanism for the Key Metrics on each area of the business. This highlights the areas in the business that are performing well, and those that need focus.

Finance Systems Enhancement and Implementation

In some cases, the current finance system is not being used to its full potential to generate the financial information required by the business. Instead, there can be significant time spent on non-added value activities and duplication of effort preparing sreadsheets for information that can be generated by the current finance system. OSMS has the required experience to identify the key management information requirements and to recommend the best course of action, which can be either to enhance and improve the current system or a full systems implementation.

Cost Reduction & Capacity Improvement Initiatives

OSMS has undertaken significant cost reduction and capacity improvement projects which has delivered significant bottom line impacts. This has involved detailed analysis of the costs of the key materials, substituting alternatives, direct negotiation with suppliers, vendor negotiation and rationalisation, implementation of Vendor Managed Inventory projects and detailed reviews of capacity utilisation.

Tender Preparation / Business Development

OSMS has been involved in winning key strategic contracts by undertaking a PM approach to regulated tendering processes. OSMS has experience in differentiating client offerings by ensuring that the detailed requirements as specified in the RFQ are met and exceeded in order to highlight the USP offered.

HR Projects

From time to time, there are specific HR projects required such as the implementation of Time & Attendance system to help the overall tracking of employee time. OSMS has under-taken successful selection and implementation of Time & Attendance systems that improve employee engagement and productivity as well as making the payroll process more efficient.

R&D Projects

OSMS has been very successful in raising R&D grant funding from agencies by deploying its PM methodology. This has involved co-ordination and documentation of the various activities from concept through to delivery to ensure grant claim maximisation.

OSMS has also been successful in selection of R&D projects which qualify for R&D Tax Credits which has delivered significant tax savings for clients.