HR Management

OSMS are keenly aware of the balance between cultivating an effective team and managing the HR requirements of a growing number of employees. Often businesses in expansion mode need to take on additional human resources but are not yet in a position to hire a permanent HR Manager. OSMS provides your business with access to an experienced and qualified HR professional on a part-time or project basis to manage your businesses HR requirements across the following areas:

Compliance – Employee Contracts & Handbook

HR compliance has become more onerous in recent years and is often neglected by businesses as they grow, due to the time involved in administering HR systems. OSMS has developed systems and templates to ensure that HR is administered properly and ensures that statutory requirements are adhered to. This process is very effective in helping prevent HR issues arising.

Recruitment & Candidate Selection

One of the most important, and costly, decisions a business makes is the selection and recruitment of staff. OSMS can advise and assist on all aspects of the recruitment process, from job description, preferred candidate profile using psychometric testing, interviewing techniques, reference checking, contract negotiation etc. to ensure that the candidate selected has the appropriate skills to fulfil the role and is a good fit with the company’s culture.

Performance Management

In many cases, performance management is not formally assessed by regular feedback and dialogue with employees. This can result in additional costs for the business when good staff leave and poor staff remain. It can also mean that frustrations build up because of poor dialogue between management and staff. OSMS has implemented staff appraisal systems and development & training plans to ensure that staff remain motivated and develop as the business requires.

HR Issues / Conflict Resolution

In all businesses, it is inevitable that from time to time, HR issues will arise. Often for the purposes of appropriate resolution and to ensure organisations are not exposed to unnecessary and expensive litigation, it is necessary to bring a third party in to aid in the dispute resolution. OSMS’s highly qualified HR experts have significant experience in managing and resolving various types of HR issues.